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Reinventing Excellence - Sensation Group, a dynamic Private Equity Fund, and Master Developer, is leading a paradigm shift in the real estate sector. Our expansive portfolio comprises exceptional projects that redefine industry standards. Driven by the tenets of the Blue Ocean Strategy, we are dedicated to crafting uncharted market territory, rendering competitors obsolete, and cultivating fresh demand for our innovations.

A Real Estate Fund deeply focused in India on -

  • World Class Infrastructure Ready Villa Plots

    Elevate your dreams with our villa plots, where the promise of world-class infrastructure meets your aspirations. It's not just land; it's the canvas for your future, waiting to be painted with your desires.

  • Digital Detox & Black Hole Resorts

    Step into a realm of serenity and disconnect from the digital technology at our resorts. Here, the starry nights and tranquil surroundings provide solace, making your escape an emotional voyage.

  • Serviced Living / Serviced Hostels / Student Housing

    Our services redefine comfort. Whether you're a traveler, student, or professional, we offer a haven where you can feel at home, forging connections that evoke a sense of belonging.

  • Family Entertainment Centres with Multiplexes

    Embrace togetherness at our entertainment centres. With multiplexes that ignite laughter and joy, we create emotional bonds and unforgettable moments for families, etching memories in the heart.

  • Blue & Grey Collared Housing Projects

    In our housing projects, we understand the unique needs of every professional. Our homes are designed to nurture aspirations and kindle a sense of pride, fostering an emotional connection to your space.

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Apart from core departments of Land Acquisition & Finance, Sensation Group believes in outsourcing construction management, sales & marketing, 3rd party check mechanisms, and all other systems/processes to worthy partners in order to increase the level of accountability to the maximum level to it’s HNI/UHNWI, Funds, Retail Buyers, End Users & especially Landlords since 95% of its projects are on a joint development basis.

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Unleashing Value and Empowering Success

  • Investment

    Unleashing Global Capital As Financial Partners, we mobilize capital from our internal resources and global co-investors to fuel projects. With complete control and responsibility, we organize finances and ensure seamless cash flow management.

  • Management

    Mastery at Every Scale With 25+ projects in our portfolio, we bring invaluable expertise in design, project management, procurement, finance, staffing, quality control, and more. Our corporate culture embraces innovation, empowers brands, and leverages cutting-edge construction technologies for cost-effective solutions.

  • Marketing & Sales

    Maximizing Profits with Precision "All is Well that Sells Well!" Through our exceptional marketing strategies and a track record of successfully exiting 10 million sq ft, we are primed for even greater achievements. Our robust branding and sales plans, coupled with early-stage investor support and an alliance with more than 15,000 senior property consultants, facilitate swift inventory sales.

At Sensation Capital, we redefine the investment landscape by unleashing global capital, mastering project management, and maximizing profitability through strategic marketing and sales. Our unwavering commitment to excellence propels us toward unparalleled success.


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Unleash Your Dominance in Real Estate with Sensation Group. Be the Alpha with us.

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